IP Prosecution, Procurement & Maintenance



Our attorneys are highly informed on current trademark law issues, and have significant experience in all aspects of this practice area, both domestic and abroad. Trademarks symbolize all the goodwill associated with a product or service, and they assure consumers that a product or service is from a particular entity and is of a certain quality. In this respect, trademarks are extremely valuable marketing tools. Our attorneys know how to protect the value of your trademarks.

Some of our trademark legal services include:

  • Trademark Searches and Clearance Opinions (Domestic & Foreign)
  • Trademark Prosecution and Procurement (Domestic & Foreign)
  • Oppositions and Cancellations
  • Maintenance of Marks
  • Marking and Notice
  • Trade Dress
  • Valuations and Audits
  • Trademark Infringement Analyses


As one of the most fundamental intellectual property rights, copyright protection is available to original works fixed in a tangible medium. Whether you are an individual artist or creator, a business with a large portfolio, or anywhere in between, you likely have works that are eligible for federal copyright protection. We work closely with our clients to encourage federal registration of copyrighted works when appropriate.

Some of our copyright legal services include:

  • Copyright Availability Opinions
  • Copyright Prosecution and Procurement
  • Protection of Derivative Works
  • Fair Use Analysis
  • Works for Hire and Authorship/Ownership Disputes
  • Valuations and Audits
  • Marking and Notice
  • Copyright Infringement Analyses

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

A company’s trade secrets can be its most valued assets. Our attorneys protect proprietary information and trade secrets against theft or unfair competition by combining particular contractual agreements with patent, trademark and copyright protection when appropriate. This ensures that trade secrets are not lost to competitors and our clients’ competitive edge is upheld.

Some of our trade secret and unfair competition legal services include:

  • Proprietary Information Evaluation
  • Creation and Implementation of Trade Secret Protection Programs
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Valuations and Audits


The firm is frequently called upon to prepare patent applications in diverse technical fields. In addition to Attorney Mead, Patent Counsel, the firm maintains relationships with subject matter experts having a wide variety of technical backgrounds, including chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Inventors should be sure to fully protect their inventions and gain exclusive rights in them when possible.

Some of the patent legal services we offer include:

  • Patentability Searches and Opinions
  • Provisional Patent Applications
  • Patent Prosecution and Procurement
  • Reissue, Re-examination, and Interference
  • Marking Analysis and Certificate of Compliance
  • Patent Infringement Analyses and Freedom to Operate Opinions