The Keller Law Firm, LLC’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission and strategy is to provide the highest quality of service to clients, engage in active community involvement, create a thriving employee experience, and practice responsible environmental policies.

To engage in fair & ethical dealings with clients.

  • Maintain a high level of client confidentiality
  • Engage in transparent billing practices
  • Provide quality personal attention
  • Deliver swift and superior work products

To foster a desirable workplace.

  • Cultivate a productive and solutions-oriented atmosphere
  • Create a positive and safe work environment
  • Promote and foster health and wellness
  • Bolster team morale through an open door policy

To serve communities where we live and work.

  • Contribute legal expertise
  • Maintain pro bono caseload
  • Encourage employee volunteering
  • Participate in local outreach programs

To minimize environmental impact while maintaining legal and ethical obligations.

  • Practice efficient recycling
  • Purchase “green” products
  • Partner with environmentally-friendly suppliers and companies
  • Buy and lease refurbished goods