You have trade secrets.

It’s time to protect them and your business.

The Keller Law Firm offers a  comprehensive solution to securing your trade secrets around the world, so they continue to deliver competitive advantages to your business for many years to come.

Trade Secret Protection Program Services Offered by The Keller Law Firm

The Keller Law Firm can help you develop a complete trade secret protection program so your business is positioned to thwart risk and seize opportunities in the future.

The 4-Step Trade Secret Protection Program from the Keller Law Firm evaluates and plans for all trade secret issues that can affect your business:

  • Step 1: Program Development
    Identify your trade secrets and build and implement a comprehensive protection plan.
  • Step 2: Document Creation
    Write employee, independent contractor, and vendor agreements and other documentation required to protect your trade secrets.
  • Step 3: Education
    Guide leaders in prioritizing trade secrets as part of your company culture and train employees on trade secret law, protection, and management.
  • Step 4: Management And Monitoring
    Conduct annual or semi-annual audits and internal controls assessments to determine whether all elements of your trade secret protection program are current and to identify any updates required due to changes in the legal, business, and technology environments.

How Does It Work?

The 4-Step Trade Secret Protection Program is fully customizable, so you can choose the specific services you need or bundle all services for the most comprehensive trade secret protection.

You worked hard to develop the trade secrets that drive sales and profits for your business. Now, you need to protect them!

10 Business Disasters You Could Face
if You Don’t Protect Your Trade Secrets

  1. Lost sales
  2. Lower profits
  3. Degraded brand reputation
  4. Higher supplier costs
  5. Fewer investors
  6. Lower credit rating leads to higher
    costs to borrow money
  7. Decreased ability to attract and retain top talent
  8. Reduced customer loyalty
  9. Increased disaster recovery expenses if trade
    secrets are lost or stolen
  10. Increased fines or legal repercussions if private
    customer or investor data is compromised

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