Interview with The Social Network Show

Logo-square-for-show-and-has-R-small-size-e1362513086235Kelley C. Keller, Esq., was recently a guest on the The Social Network Show.  In an interview with Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff, Attorney Keller addresses the three (3) important elements of the relationship between social media policies and the law:

– Why companies need social media policies
– How to craft social media policies that are beneficial to the brand
– How to enforce social media policies in a manner that is respectful to the rights of both the employer and employee

Attorney Keller explains that strong employee engagement in social media can be a great PR tool, and that having social media policies that create fair boundaries but are not overbearing is key to a healthy workplace.  Her goal is to provide information that will help guide you to success in brand promotion and management in the new media world.

Watch the Full Interview