Panel Discussion Focuses on Women

Keller Law Firm attorneys Kelley Keller, Esq. and Meghann Garrett, Esq. had the pleasure of attending the Women on the Rise luncheon presented by the Business Women’s Forum (a multi-chamber consortium) at HACC’s Wildwood Conference Center. The program focused on Corporate Social Responsiblity and featured an executive panel with some heavy hitter executive from the companies such as Hershey and Starbucks. In speaking with Sentinel Report Matt McLauglin, Kelley Keller said about the event: “I thought it was very well done … [y]ou have a responsibility, as a business entity, to the community in which you work.”  Meghann Garrett offered comments as well: “I didn’t know anything about the topic.” During the event, she said: “I spent a lot of time thinking about how, being a small law firm, … we could employ some of the things they were talking about. It was interesting to see how not only the large companies but also the small companies are using the techniques.”

After this event, the firm developed its own Social Responsibility Mission and is actively implementing a firm-wide Corporate Social Reponsibility program.

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