Your creative work has value.

As the owner, you have the legal right to protect it.

The Keller Law Firm has deep experience assisting individuals and businesses in identifying and protecting their copyrighted works. We work closely with you to determine your needs and develop a registration and protection plan that best meets those needs.

Copyright Services Offered by The Keller Law Firm

The Keller Law Firm can help you:

  • Obtain copyright registrations and protect your copyrights in the United States and in other countries
  • Avoid risk by understanding copyright ownership and fair use
  • Draft notices, contracts and agreements related to copyright including cease and desist, licenses, assignments, and work-for-hire
  • Make decisions related to copyright use and misuse in digital and social media
  • Enforce copyright rights by litigating copyright infringements when necessary

What Can Be Copyrighted?

Creative works (but not underlying ideas) such as:

  • Written works: Books, white papers, reports, screenplays, articles, blog posts, website copy, ad copy, lyrics
  • Audio: Music, sounds, speeches, podcasts
  • Video: Commercials, original videos, movies, television programs
  • Images: Photographs, paintings, graphic design, artistic logos
  • Technology: Software
  • Other: Sculptures, architectural works, industrial designs