Your brand must be protected in the online marketplace.

Your business depends on it.

The Keller Law Firm can assist you with a variety of intellectual property matters that you could face in the online space, including taking action when domain names that are similar to your brand name or trademark and copyright infringements are found on other websites. We can also help you create the various policies and disclaimers needed to ensure your intellectual property rights are maximized in all aspects of your digital business.

Domain Name and Website Services Offered by The Keller Law Firm

The Keller Law Firm can help you:

  • Conduct domain name availability searches and analyses and counsel you on choose domain names to protect your brand and business
  • Handle your domain name disputes
  • Draft intellectual property notices, terms and conditions, and privacy policies for your websites
  • Develop ecommerce policies and procedures
  • Enforce copyright rights by litigating copyright infringements when necessary
  • Represent you in cases where you’re accused of infringing on another entity’s intellectual property rights in your domain name or website

Where Should My Brand be Protected Online?

Your brand is at risk unless you take the necessary steps to ensure it is protected on:

  • Your own website using appropriate markings, disclaimers, policies, and language
  • Websites that you don’t own through monitoring and enforcement of your intellectual property rights
  • Other people’s domain names that could cause confusion in consumers’ minds about your brand
  • Online directories, aggregation sites, syndication sites, and similar sites
  • Local directories and review sites
  • Editorial sites where your brand is mentioned within the published content