Trade secrets give your business a competitive advantage.

You have a right to protect them.

The Keller Law Firm understands how valuable your trade secrets are. Whether your business needs to protect a proprietary algorithm, business plans, a manufacturing process, or customer lists, we can help you develop a comprehensive trade secret protection program to mitigate your risks.

Trade Secrets Services Offered by The Keller Law Firm

The Keller Law Firm can help you:

  • Identify your trade secrets
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive trade secrets protection plan
  • Write agreements and documentation for employees, independent contractors, vendors, and third parties to protect your trade secrets
  • Educate leaders in prioritizing trade secrets
  • Train employees on the importance of managing and protecting trade secrets
  • Conduct audits and internal controls assessments to mitigate risks in your trade secret protection program
  • Provide a comprehensive Trade Secret Protection Program specific to your organization

What Is a Trade Secret?

Any information that gives your business a competitive advantage and would cause harm to your business’ profitability and growth if it were made public could be a trade secret.

Some of the elements that can be trade secrets are:

  • Business strategic plans
  • Financial models
  • Marketing plans
  • Customer and supplier lists
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Customer profiles
  • Distribution methods
  • Sales processes
  • Computer algorithms
  • Secret formulas and recipes