Small Carlisle Firm Meets with Large Success

The firm is thrilled with the Sentinel’s story on how The Keller Law Firm started with one lawyer, a laptop, kitchen table, and dream for a life with flexibility and choices while doing what she loved. During a conversation with firm founder, Kelley Keller, Esq., and Executive Director, Elizabeth Reusswig, Sentinel Reporter Matt McLaughlin thoughtfully captured the genesis of the firm and its unconventional path to success. Keller summed things up by telling the paper:  “I’m bringing this really broad base of international experience and working with massive brands to a small firm … in an approachable setting. It’s the small firm pricing structure, but you’re getting the experience that’s born out of working with a large firm.” She elaborated:  “I surrounded myself very, very thoughtfully and carefully with excellent people who do that.” Combine experience, an amazing team, and dogged perseverance and success is certainly yours for the taking.

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